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Mission Statement
We shall provide a broad range of credit remedies to our clients through our "Golden Rule." In all matters related to our clients and our client's customers, we require meaningful involvement, compliance, integrity, a sense of urgency, and a teamwork spirit to drive us to our Golden Rule: Quality Service
Better the competition. Become the employer of choice. Become the firm of choice
It is through "Synergy" that we will create success, by melding processes and assets. We need "Empathy" for the things that are different.

Welcome to CIR, Law Offices

CIR stands for the Latin "Creditor Iustus et Remedium," which translates to "creditor rights and remedies," the foundation of the CIR mission. In all business transactions, CIR seeks to protect and defend the rights of its clients while successfully collecting unpaid debt on their behalf.



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